Training workshop for Anti Corruption and Developing an WRA Integrity Code
From 25 - 29 June, the Water Regulatory Authority was participating in a training organized by GIZ Consultancy for "Developing Integrity Code WRA" The purpose of developing this Code is to responsibly and independently carry out our mandate and achieve our vision/mission. This training was conducted by two experts GIZ Frederic Boehm and Lotte Feuerstein. During the first day of the training the main issue was "The Anti-Corruption through the regulator" focusing on four main pillars, Participation, Transparency, Accountability and Integrity internal framework. The second day was followed by hearing different experiences on the Code of Conduct and for this reason were the Water and Waste Regulatory Office, Kosovo represented by Mr. Syle Sula, Analyst Consumer Councils and Mrs. Lule Ali, Public Relations Officer & Personal Assistant and the Competition Authority also represented by Mrs. Vitori Kristo, Director of Human Resources at this institution. Their presentations brought many innovations and subsequently contributed in drafting the Code of Integrity. The last two days was followed by an intensive work in developing draft Code of Integrity by the National Regulatory Commission and GIZ Consultancy.
Integrity Code was approved by the National Regulatory Commission with Decision No. 18 date 04.07.2012.
You can download the Integrity Code by clicking here.

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